Diversity Ad enables advertisers to reach new online audiences via the world’s leading independent news and current affairs websites.

Media partners

Our publisher partners often represent the most significant independent media voices in their countries. They outsource their advertising sales and management to us while gaining access to leading technologies, best practices and the larger media buys that they would otherwise not have the scale to be involved in individually.

All of the media we work with are carefully selected. We meet their editors, travel to their countries and gain a comprehensive understanding of who they are and how they work.

Simplicity for advertisers and agencies

Diversity Ad creates simple entry into new markets for its advertisers.

We offer guaranteed campaign volume, frequency and targeting while working proactively in the pursuit of strong campaign performance. Our advertisers achieve a quantifiable share of voice alongside authoritative, unique editorial content.

Diversity Ad is not a blind network offering advertising inventory on any website with an ad position. It is a platform for reaching engaged, educated, loyal and often affluent audiences via industry-standard ad formats.


Diversity Ad was formed in 2010 as a joint venture between Danish companies Media Frontiers ApS and Brand X ApS, with the latter assuming sole ownership in April 2014. It has grown to become a global platform with media partners in more than 30 countries, delivering more than 200 million ads per month.