We specialise in online advertising representation for independent news and current affairs media. If you want to make more money from your online news platforms, contact us for more information.

Here are some great benefits of media representation from Diversity Ad:

Announcement-48 (1)All publishers are listed in our directory of partner news websites and promoted in our sales pitches to advertisers and agencies.

Abacus-48 (1)We provide full management of advertiser invoicing, revenue collection and sending monthly remittance payouts.

Binary-Code-48 (1)We use advanced ad serving and inventory monetisation tools on your website, to increase its value to you and advertisers.

User-Group-48 (1)You will have a dedicated point of contact at Diversity Ad to manage your advertising sales, operations and to provide guidance on optimising your website for advertisers.

Graph-01-48 (1)Industry-leading revenue share deal on all revenue generated from your advertising inventory.